5HT on Synrc Erlang Stack

Pure and Simple

This site is dedicated to full stack Erlang line, which consists of range of applications: [ SLICE, VXZ, N2O, KVS, SHEN, REST, MAD, BPE, MQS, FORMS, UPL ]. They provide you services such as provisioning instances, development tools, frameworks, business engines and languages.

Minimal and Effective

Because everything is so small that can fit your old FD, everything is also fast. We tried to keep number of levels and operability points as small as possible, keeping in mind the full stack of application.

Unikernel Based

This stack can be provisioned in Erlang Xen containers under LING. So you can run full stack without OS in Xen or in UNIX. Also all aplications could be shipped as a single-file bundle which is able to run in Windows, Linux and Mac environments.


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