The main thing you should know about Erlang unicode is that

unicode:characters_to_binary("Uni") == <<"Uni"/utf8>>.

I.e. in N2O DSL you should use:

#button{body= <<"Unicode Name"/utf8>>}


Whenever you want to send to server the value from DOM element you should use utf8_toByteArray.

> utf8_toByteArray(document.getElementById('phone').value);

However we created shortcut for that purposes which knows about radio, fieldset and other types of DOM nodes. So you should use just:

> querySource('phone');

querySource JavaScript function ships in nitrogen.js which is part of N2O JavaScript library.

Whenever you get unicode data from server you should prepare it before place in DOM with utf8_dec:

> console.log(utf8_dec(receivedMessage));


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