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Brand book is a vital tool for identifying the brand and is the peak of corporate identity. Brand is a clear identification of product or company which is well thought-out. Synrc brand-book defines vector color and monochrome logotype, variants of typing and spelling, Web and print colors, template documents for LaTeX, Word and PowerPoint and more.


Synrc brand logo uses Palatino Linotype font with yn digraph. Blue syn part of logo means root of the most words in science context: synergy, synthesis, synopsis, syndicate, synthetic, sync, syntax, synonym, synapse and many others. Red rc stands for research center acronym. Those are the Synrc brand essences. But Synrc itself also means self explained given name of company and may not be treated as acronym. So it is correct to name it Synrc Research Center.

Download vector logotype in PDF


Palatino Linotype
synrc research center

Nokia Pure Text
Synrc Sesearch Center


Blue and red colors refer to cold and warm parts of the spectrum dividing the Synrc word in the golden proportion.

Blue and red colors for Web are simply:


Blue and red colors for print are defined as:

93 58 18 2
0 92 83 0

Note that Web colors are not for printing and print colors are not for Web.


In monochrome environments the Synrc logo is used as follows:


The Synrc logo on black background may be used only in black and white variant.

Blue and red colors for monochrome Web and print modes are:

69 63 62 58
43 35 35 1


When logotype is used in environments the outline padding should be used. For every side padding value should be 1/17 of logotype width. Where logotype width is defined as distance between the left edge of capital S and right edge of very right dot near C.

Square Banner

The Synrc square logo in avatar or userpic context shows capital S on blue circle:

This variant is used only in square placeholders.


In a text document supporting advanced formatting language, synrc research center or synrc should be written in lowercase with Palatino Linotype font. This spelling used mostly in promotions and internal documents.


In a plain-text documents Synrc Research Center (or Synrc) should be written with the first letters capitalized. This spelling is intended for external documents and media.

General usage

The Synrc logo and Synrc square logo should be used only in square or rectangle proportional placeholders. Using Synrc logotypes in other environments or within bounding text are not eligible and should be prohibited. Violating font hints, padding rules and colors usage cases are also automatically denying Synrc logotypes eligible usage.

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