DSL and/or Templates
TCP/WebSockets/XHR Events
Rapid REST Backends
Mnesia/Riak/Redis Backends
Rich JavaScript Controls
Fastest Erlang Web Framework
N2O —
The Most Powerful
Erlang Web Framework
Polymorphic Tuples
Functional Streams
Sequential Consistency
Extendable Schema
Secondary Indexes
SQL-Like Queries
REST Access
Abstract Erlang Term Database
Sources   Book is Coming
Damn Fast
Core is about 300 LOC
BPMN 2.0 compatible
Used in E-Banking
WebSocket and REST interface
Lua Scripting
Business Processing
Workflow Engine

Voxoz Platform

Build your awesome Docker/Xen Erlang Cloud using famous Docker and glorious Erlang on Xen technology. Run you first Erlang App Store demo web application with SSH access in 4 clicks.

N2O Stack

N2O WebSocket application server not only fastest Erlang web framework that introduce zero additional gen_server layer for channels. But also provides client JavaScript library that equals triple MSS size.

Synrc Events

Train your erlang engineers with our solid Erlang experience. Latest Events:

San Francisco USA 6 Mar 2014

Minsk Belarus 25 Jan 2014

Mostly Erlang 18 Dec 2013

Windows, Linux, Mac

We put some power to seamless support and sleek experience on Windows, Linux, and Mac platforms. Thanks to MAD build and deploy tool you can package all your site with all static into a single file that can be atomically deployed to any system with Erlang installed or build Unix executable with built-in LING.

Enterprise Business

For a business customer we have the separate line of products like workflows engines, processing languages and processing repositories, distributed linearizable databases with XA protocol and automatic business forms generation with N2O. Checkout Spawnproc organization.


We provide code review, prototyping, support and consulting services since 2005. “No Bullshit” services already provided to a line of customers who put N2O and companion libraries to the core of their business.


Synrc Erlang Base Library

Staring from kernel and stdlib we distilled and refined Erlang Base Library fixing, by the way, such things as bundling creation, like OTP releases but in form of escript files, providing abstract ETS based filesystem layer, compact and embeddable build tool mad, and native file-system listener fs used by Elixir community. We also have our own gen_server replacement and much more.

In the storage API, we have kvs abstract term database that is driven by the community and has MongoDB, Riak, Mnesia, Redis, SQL and Filesystem backends. It provides schema and versioning and powers enterprise and banking.

As the transactional log library disk_log replacement can utilize half of the SSD drive throughput. Supervised hashtable of servers ring and transactional layer xa dedicated for building scalable distributed processing engines.

Demo Projects to Jump In


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