Data Consulting

Tired with SQL and ORM mapping? Feel the power with typed Erlang records format as a native storage with gateway to Filysystem, Riak, mongoDB, Mnesia, KAI and SQL backends using our KVS Abstract Database with REST interface.

System Architect

Want Erlang to power your enterprise business? Just check our Spawnproc stack which is already used for serving millions of customers in Eastern Europe. BPE workflow engine and UPL processing language are undestood and yet manageable.

Web Applications

Forget about fat JSON and XML exchange. We use tiny binary BERT messages on top of robust and extensible N2O protocol for IoT and WebSoсket applications. Our reference implementation N2O WebSocket Application Server is known as most powerful Erlang Web Framework.


Voxoz Erlang Cloud Control Panel

Enter the future now with Voxoz cloud platform which is able to run Elrang virtual machine on top of raw hardware in Xen environment. LING virtual machine has also ports to POSIX, ARM and MIPS platforms. Or you can run BEAM virtual machine in docker. The application is a file. As simple as that. This is Voxoz.

Mentor: Vladimir Kirillov
Parnerts: Cloudozer, LLC.

Skyline App Store

Don’t know how to start using N2O and need more sophisticated project that N2O sample? Just clone Skyline web shop sample with AVZ avtoriazation for Google, Facebook, Github, Twitter and Microsoft providers. Skyline App Store is Voxoz and Xen ready application. It uses N2O, KVS, Bootstrap style with node js tools for JavaScript minification and LESS assembling.

Backend: Maxim Sokhatsky
Design: Andrii Zadorozhnii

Scalable Web and Gaming Platform

For the Turkish audience we created scalable distributed system using Erlang, Riak, Cowboy, RabbitMQ, N2O, GlusterFS, NGINX and other tools. Please read the technical description Kakaranet Tech. We have implemented Facebook, Paypal, Credit Cards, Mobile and Wired Payments, Mail system support and SNMP monitoring tools. We’ve done full HTML5 optimization with A marks for both Yahoo! YSlow and Google Page Speed. Kakaranet is lineary scalable Facebook-like application with feeds, subscriptions and messaging along with powerful turn-based board games engine. The heart of the system the RabbitMQ cluster. The System runs on top of Riak cluster with easy maintenance from Web and supports hot code reload using ACTIVE native file system listener.

Mentor: Maxim Sokhatsky
Game Server: Serge Polkovnikov

Full size of codebase is fit 2.88MB floppy disk and is quite managable yet. The system inside is essentially built upon binary protocols AMQP, BER except content delivery to Web clients which is in fact gzipped.

SNMP Monitoring System

For our servers we created open-source Erlang based SNMP monitoring tools with clear and simple interface which allows you to feel the heartbeat of your system on any device despite the screen size.

Mentor: Andrew Zadorozhny
Design: Alex Kalenuk

SVG and WebSockets

For the HTML5 web platform and pure JavaScript client-side we would recommend to use SVG and WebSockets. N2O provides all facilities for dealing with DOM and fast binary real-time WebSocket channels. We don’t use Xml HTTP Requests since 2010.

Binary Protocols

We are trying to build our products and services around single core of technologies. We believe that focusing on understandable and manageable, proven in industry technologies will bring significant benefits to all users. We have chosen set of technologies that have proved its maturity, clarity and efficiency. We oriented on strong and mature binary protocols and data formats such as BER and ASN.1. Please read more on N2O PROTOCOL at dedicated site.

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